Hong Kong Physical Trading Exchange Is No More

After thirty-one years, the Hong Kong physical trading floor will be closed. All of the people who were apart of it says it is a bittersweet day. Hong Kong’s trading floor is also goes by The Famous Hong Kong stock exchange. Reports say that there were more than a thousand employees that work on the physical trading floor in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s trading exchange floor was began in the early 1980s and did very well throughout the 1990s. Traders worked daily throughout those trading floors.

Although, the trading exchange market has changed irrevocably due to the increase of internet use. Also, electronic trading in the industry nowadays. Christopher Cheung has been working for Hong Kong’s trading exchange since 1971 and says he has experienced the massive change on the trading floor. Christopher Cheung remembers coming into work every day since 1972 and talking daily with his co-workers he says he has a deep affinity with the Hong Kong trading exchange.

The founder and lawmaker of Christfund Securities told Christopher Cheung told him to take pride in his last day working for the trading floors in Hong Kong.

Christopher Cheung later included that he is not entirely comfortable with letting his career go after forty-six years. He doesn’t know if he wants to work every day for the Hong Kong’s trading exchange. He says times are changing and even if he doesn’t want to like his past coworkers they have to adjust. Also, go with the change in the financial field.

The very first physical trading floors were built in 1891. This was when this part of the world was still apart of the British colony. In the late 1800s, trading exchanges were typically ran by the British expatriates. For that very reason is why Hong Kong started their trading floors in the mid-1960s. The trading associations in Hong Kong did very well for many years.