Flu Virus Making It’s Rounds This Season

The Center for Disease Control recently reported they are preparing for a potential miserable fall season winter season of the flu virus. Typically flu season starts around October and runs until May of the following year. So now is the time to be getting yours and your families flu shots.

Some of the various reasons why the CDC worries about this year’s flu season is because the southern hemisphere has had record-breaking flu outbreaks. In the Southern Hemisphere such as Australia over the last few months has had the flu affecting thousands of people. More so, their senior citizens. The reports of the southern hemisphere say with the flu season in full effect. It has caused severe illness and filling up their hospitals. Sadly in the United States, small clusters of the H3N2 flu virus is already affecting people.

Flu Virus Affecting Those In The Sourthern Hemisphere

The National Foundations for Infectious Disease and a graduate of Vanderbilt University Doctor William Schaffner says this is why people all over need to get their flu shot before it is too late. The CDC says that anyone with a child that is six months or older needs to get the vaccine as soon as possible. Physicians do not recommend getting the nasal spray because it has been proven to be not effective. In 2016, the CDC reported the nasal spray only being effective by three percent. That number leaves more chances of getting severely sick around this time of year.

U.S. health authorities are saying for everyone to get vaccinations even though flu season has not completely began. It is important to know that the flu vaccine will not protect you from getting the flu. However, it will make the symptoms of the flu more tolerable. Last year more than one hundred and forty people who did no receive vaccinations died due to the flu season. Flu complications can affect muscle tissue, brain function, and your heart. It can also lead to organ failure if not treated in time.