Bed Bugs Terroize Family On Flight

A family, riding on a nine hour flight, were aggressively bitten by bed bugs. According to Heather Szilagyi, who was riding on a British Airways flight, says that the bugs were coming from the back of the TV on a seat.

The bed bugs, which can be hard to identify correctly, were easily recognizable for Szilagyi. She spent plenty of years working at hotels.
It wasn’t until she bugs after bugs that she finally said something to a flight attendant.

Heather claims that the flight attendant did apologize, but told her that there were no more available seats.

While speaking to reporters, she says that the flight was nine long hours of her knowing that she was going to have bites. What was worst, was the fact that she could do nothing about the bugs.
However, all she could do was sit back and wait for the flight to be over.

Bed Bugs Take Over British Airways Flight

After the flight, the family took to Twitter to share what had happened to them. Both Szilagy and her daughter were covered in a slew of bites.

Eric Neilson, Heather’s fiancé, shared pictures of the bites in the account and notified British Airways.

The airline did apologize to Szilagy, but she did not want any refund. She only wants for her family to have a flight back home on a different plane. Also to have her and her family seats switched to business class.

In a statement from the airlines, they say that they operate over 280,000 flights annually. They said that they rarely hear of any bed bugs being on their flights. Either way, they are working hard to monitor their crafts to make sure this does not happen again.

On Twitter, Heather made a claim saying that she and her family were not the only victims.

Luckily for the family, bed bites don’t typically lead to any serious medical issues according to statements from the CDC.