White Supremacist Suspects Caught In Florida

On Wednesday, five suspects were under arrest with connections with the event that self titles white supremacist, Richard Spencer was holding at The University of Florida in Gainsville. Three of the young men were under arrest on Wednesday are the people who were shooting at the event. The shooting occurred right after Richard Spencer’s speech reported local police officials.

The Gainesville Police Department reports that the three men engaged in a verbal argument with another group of college students. That then turned violent with gunfire.

Flordia White Supremacist Caught

The three men who started the shootout were Colton Fears, William Fears, and Tyler Tenbrink. According to the police report, all men are under thirty years old.  and all are them are Texas residents. In the police report from Gainesville County states Tyler Tenbrink pulled up in his vehicle and started shouting hail Hitler around a group of other students.

After Tyler Tenbrink age twenty-eight screamed hail Hitler another of the three men opened fire. Then the same young man got out of his car with a handgun and began threatening to shoot the victims. While still in the car, William Fears and Colton Fears began to encourage Tyler Tenbrink to shoot and kill the victims. Tyler Tenbrink then only fired one shot but thankfully missed the victims and hit a nearby building.

One of the victims was able to catch the vehicles license plate before it completely drove away. The three young men drove off thinking they got away with threatening the group of people with their guns. The three suspects in the car were later pulled over by an off-duty police officer. He had noticed the vehicle while on his way home from work. William Fears, Colton Fears and Tyler Tenbrink will remain in the Alachua County Jail. They each have a one million dollar bond.