LaBeouf Returns To Court After Drunk Episode

According to court records, Shia LaBeouf will be facing fines, a drug and alcohol evaluation, and anger management counseling. All of this comes after his July arrest in Georgia this past summer.

The Transformers star went on a racist rant against an officer who was arresting him. The officer is African-American. On Thursday, LeBeouf was in court, making his plea. He pleads not guilty to being drunk in public and no contest to his disorderly conduct charge.

The actor will have to pay $2,680 in fines. These fines are from the obstruction and disorderly conduct charges. This information comes from Chatham County records. Be that as it may, he no longer has the public drunkenness charge.

LaBeouf Goes To Court After Drunk Episode In Georgia

Shia, 31, was under arrest back in July after he was being disruptive and was using tasteless language after a bystander in Savannah’s City Market area did not give him a cigarette. According to police, the actor became very aggressive after a cop asked him to go on about his business. After the police officer tried to arrest him, he ran into the lobby of a nearby hotel.

Footage from the incident shows the actor telling the African-American officer that he was going to hell. This was going on while he was giving his fingerprints at the jail. He then goes on to say that what the officer was doing was savage due to him being a black man.

The actor went on a plethora of tirades the night of the incident. On another video, he was saying explicit words to a different cop.

Besides paying fines and going to anger management, he will be on probation for one year. Also, LaBeouf must finish 100 hours of community service. The drug and alcohol evaluation will begin during the first 30 days of his sentence.