McKayla Maroney Speaks About Sexual Abuse

McKayla Maroney, who has won two Olympic medals, is making news for something far more different than gymnastics. She accuses Larry Nassar, who was the for USA Gymnastics team’s doctors, of molesting her. Maroney says that the molesting began when she was only 13 years old.

Maroney, who is now 21, posted about the situation on her Twitter account. Using the hashtag #MeToo, she was able to tell her story. Many allegations against Harvey Weinstein have come out over the week of him sexually harassing women, thus starting the #MeToo movement. The movement is about women and men no longer silencing themselves about sexual harassment.

According to Maroney, people’s words over the last few days have been an inspiration for her. In a post, she says that she understands how hard it can be for people to speak about such atrocities. Even herself, as she goes on to say that it has happened to her too.

McKayla goes on to say that it doesn’t only occur in the Hollywood scene.

It is happening all over the world. If there is a position for power, Maroney noted that there is potential for abuse to occur. She says that it was always a dream for her to be a part of the Olympics. However, what she had to do to get there she says was disgusting and unnecessary.
According to Maroney, Nassar would molest her, saying that he was only giving her medical treatment. Treatment, which he has been using on his patients for 30+ years.

In the post, she says that to her, it seemed that the doctor would take whatever chance he could to “treat” her. She says that it happened while in London, not too much longer before her and her team won the gold medal. She says that it also occurred before she won her Silver.

Maroney then went on to tell the story of the scariest night of her life. She was only 15 at the time. She says that she and her team were flying to Tokyo. The doctor gave her a sleeping pill to get through the flight. Next thing she knows, she was with him, alone, in a hotel room. She was receiving a “treatment.” McKayla says she thought she was going to die.

Nassar is currently in a Michigan jail, waiting for his sentence after pleading guilty this summer of possessing child pornography. More than 125 woman and girls have come forward to speak about him abusing them in some format.

McKayla ends her post by saying that victims have given the wrong people power by remaining silent and that it is time to take power back. Also, that it is never too late for anyone, to speak up.