Medical Insurance For Your Pet

Many pet owners nationwide have been looking into purchasing medical insurance for not only themselves, but their pets as well. Pet owners health insurance can be tricky but does help cover the cost of routine checkups, illnesses, accidents, and shots.

In 2016 both in Canada and the United States there were almost two million pet owners who have insured their family pet. Pet lovers purchasing pet medical insurance had increased from to 2015 to 2016 by nearly twelve percent. This information comes from the North America Pet Health Insurance Association.

The North America Pet Health Insurance Association is also goes by NAPHIA. Even with almost the two million family pets that are covered by medical insurance that is a mere fraction of how many others are not insured. AN estimated four-hundred million pets alone live in the houses of the United States today and is still multiplying.

Medical Insurance For Pets Is Not New

The North America Pet Health Insurance Association believes that not all pet lovers covered by medical insurance because of the cost of an additional health insurance. Medical pet insurance can range from a one-hundred-and-sixty dollar to almost five-hundred dollars annually.

The cheaper end of pet insurance typically will only cover accidents. The higher end of medical pet insurance will assist in paying accidents and illnesses for each pet in the household. Medical insurance for your furry family member can be cheaper or more expensive depending on the breed of your animal, its age as well as the area where you live.

There are many different types to cover your pet’s medical expenses. The basic medical coverage will include your pet’s wellness vet visits as well as any accidents. Second in line would be comprehensive pet medical insurance. This type will pay for your furry family members wellness checkups, illnesses, and accidents.