Young Brides In India Rejoice After New Law

India has recently changed their law in the India Supreme Court to change underage sex with young brides. The India Supreme Court is no longer allowing men with a wife under the age of eighteen to have sexual relationships with or without her consent. With this new law in place, men of India will no longer be able to marry off young women. There is now a rape charge if she is under the age of eighteen. The India Supreme Court is warning the men of India that if any men are caught in any one of these acts, they will face up to life in prison because it is no longer acceptable.

The decision on the new law in India is a big deal and will affect the country as a whole. For thousands of years, the Indian government allowed older men to have intercourse with their wives. However, that doesn’t sound out of the ordinary, right? Well their wives can be anywhere between the ages of fifteen to eighteen years old.

Young Brides No Longer Forced To Have Intercourse With Older Husbands

India’s authorities had pressured the Supreme court not to change the laws. India’s authorities wanted to keep their thousand-year-old traditions and not evolve their social norms. For the most part, India’s government opposed the idea to send men marrying children to prison.
The government in India believes that would weaken the values of the institution of marriages in their country. The judge finally made their last statement. That the practice of child marriage and underage sex with a minor has to go. After their verdict, the courthouse drew an applause because this will be a new landmark for the country of India. The latest law became about by the human rights activist campaign again child abuse and also for gender rights.