Whitney Houston New ‘The Bodyguard’ Soundtrack

It marks the twenty-fifth anniversary in November 2017 of the beloved film “The Bodyguard” starring the late Whitney Houston. Whitney Houston fans will be able to pre-order the new collection track before the holiday season. The new album collection will be a mix of studio songs as well as some live concert music of hers. It was Whitney Houstons’ vocals on all of the songs on the soundtrack.

The legendary singer and songwriter’s newest tracks will be on the new albums coming soon. Obviously, with the blessings from Houston’s estates. One of the most recent tracks that were sung again by Whitney Houston right before she died in 2012 is called “I Wish You Love.”

November 25th, 1992 “The Bodyguard” hit movie theaters nationwide starring the famous singer and songwriter Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner.

The movie is about Whitney being in the spotlight always because of her career and starts receiving death threats. After receiving death threats, she has to hire a bodyguard for her protection from the Secret Service. His name is Clive Davis which Kevin Costner plays in the movie.

The movie “The Bodyguard” did very well by itself, but also won the Grammy Award-winning soundtrack of its time. Whitney Houston and Clive Davis were both executive producer on the soundtrack.The romantic movie “The Bodyguard” is still the top-selling cd of all time according to the SoundScan.

The late singer and song writer’s “I Wish You Love” from the soundtrack of “The Bodyguard” is planning to release her new collection of unreleased recording from the movie itself. When Whitney Houston was on tour for the famous film she sang live from 1993 to 1995. Those recordings will be in the new collection. A song such as the trendy “I Will Always Love You,” and a remix of “I’m Every Woman.” One of the new collection, Whitney Houston sings “Jesus Loves Me, ” and a rare live concert singing “Run To You.”