Hepatitis A Outbreak on The Rise In San Diego

Over three million dollars has been spent in San Diego California county to contain hepatitis outbreak. The Hepatitis A outbreak has infected hundreds of people in the San Diego area and has killed seventeen people. While thw exposure is hitting thouasands in the large city in California. According to the health department in San Diego County, reports say that the total of people with the infection and killed could double. More so by 2018 if not controlled soon.

The first outbreak of hepatitis A case was came from reports in early March 2017 says the county epidemiologists.

Although the primarily reports of  hepatitis A rash was came out in March 2017 but was but the date was from November 2016. Almost three-hundred-and-fifty people have been hospitalized due to the recent hepatitis A cases, and nearly five hundred people have been infected with this horrible illness.

Since the first outbreak of the illness, there have been thirty-one thousand shots. The shots were to vaccinate everyone at risk of the infection. The health and Human Services Agency of the San Diego County of California has spent nearly 1.3 million dollars on getting the vacincations to their residents. They do so to prevent the active infection from spreading even more. The nursing staff at the San Diego County of the Health and Human Services Agency hired an administrator. For vaccination and also to educate their public which cost the county an additional 1.2 million dollars.

Local health officials are saying the trasmission of the infection is coming from feces to mouth. So more than likely unsanitary conditions are spreading the liver killing illness from person to person. In the San Diego area, there is confirmation that all eighty-five percent of the hepatitis A cases are from the same county. There are professional cleaning crews on the streets in the San Diego county. They are cleaning with high-pressure water mixed in with bleach to sanitize their roads. The sanitizations of the street will clear up any bacteria from blood, bodily fluids, and feces.