Farrell Leaving The Red Sox As Manager

There was an announcement on Tuesday that Red Sox manager John Farrell will no longer be with the team. The Sox are on the lookout for a replacement manager. After being ousted in ALDS for the second time, the decision was unanimous.

55-year-old Farrel first became one of their managers back in 2013. He was there when the won the World Series title during the 2013 season. There were also two back to back last place finishes for the team. Also, two playoff losses. All of this led to the dismissal of the manager.

John Farrell Leaving Boston Red Sox

In 2017, Boston was able to go 93-69 two years in a row. However, during the ALDS, the lost four games against the Astros. Over the summer. Plenty was calling for Farrell to drop his position as manager.
Mainly due to his bullpen usage and the toxicity he had with the group of players.’

This will be the third time Boston has had to look for a new manager since back in 2011. At first, they were unable to persuade Farrell from working with the Blue Jays. Instead, they chose Bobby Valentine. Valentine working with Boston was not the best idea. After firing Valentine, who was only with the team for one season, Farrell came on board.

This new open position for the Red Sox in the middle of the season is a nail-biter. For one, it is rare for a team to be looking for a new manager after a 90+ winning streak. Especially by the end of the month. Candidates for the position include coach Chili Davis, Jason Varitek, and Gary DiScarcina. Ex-infielder Alex Cora and Brad Ausmus from the Tigers are contenders as well. Gabe Kapler, an executive for the Dodgers and Ron Gardenhire for Diamondbacks, are potential candidates as well.

So far this season, Boston is the fourth team to fire their manager. The Tigers, Phillies, and Mets have also let go of their managers.