Munaf Kapadian Opens His Own Business

Munaf Kapadian only twenty-five years old argued with his mother on early Sunday in 2014. That argument would change his life forever. Munaf Kapadia was watching television the normal United States cartoon The Simpsons. His mother wanted to watch her typically Sunday afternoon favorite Indian soap operas. While his mother flipped through the channels that early Sunday afternoon her son started thinking very hard about his future with Google.

Munaf Kapadia believes his mother has many talents but stays in the house watching too much television at the time. Once he got to thinking about it, he realized that his mother Nafisa Kapadia should be doing more things with meaning rather than being stuck in the house all day.

Munaf Kapadia mother Nafisa Kapadia has always been known by their close friends and family of her cooking the favorite Bohri Indian dish.

Bohri Indian plate at the time was huge, and people in their hometown of Mumbai, India serve the dish. At that point, Munaf Kapadia decided to email all his close family and friends for a feast to feed up to fifty people. It was going to be at his family home in Mumbai India.

Both Munaf Kapadia and his mother remember that night full of laughter and great food. After realizing how much their friends and family enjoyed Nafisa Kapadia cooking, they started doing it on every weekend. Slowly opening up every Saturday and Sunday filling with even more friends and family. Within no time they opened up her cooking to the public and started charging as if they were a restaurant. Son of Nafisa Kapadia says that is where “The Bohri Kitchen” was born right in their family home in Mumbai India.

Some of their favorite dishes are:

Smoked chicken in a tomato gravy served with Indian flatbreads called “Chicken Angara.”

Goat meat cooked in with dal and rice with several different Indian spices known as “Mutton Khichda.”

Chickpeas and potatoes cooked along the side of tamarind sauce served with cracked wheat called “Chana Bateta Thulli.”