Leopard Caught In Largest Car Plant In India

Recently in India, there was a wild leopard lose in a massive care factory. After the report, officilals were able to detain the animal. The leopard was walking around in the car factory for over thirty-six hours said wildlife officials of India. In Manesar, wildlife officials had to tranquilize the wild animal during the extensive search.

People saw the leopard on the early morning on Friday, October 5th, 2017 on their car plant security cameras.  People saw the animal throughout the day and even at night. After spotting the animal on their cameras, everyone evacuated the Maruti Suzuki’s manufacturing car plant. The building what shutdown until further notice.

Leopard Walks Through Car Plant

The Suzuki’s manufacturing car plant is the largest plant in the whole country. The company produces thousands of vehicles yearly. Fifty local police officials and twelve forest department workers deployed the large building while thousands of employees were forced to wait outside of the car plant.

The whole manufacturing car plant is well over thousands of feet. The wild leopard was walking in the engine department of the car plant. Local police officials and wildlife workers gave the animal raw meat and two live goats inorder to lure the giant cat. However, they did so to tranquilize it. Some people even tried throwing loud firecrackers to corner the leopard. However, that did not work reported the news in India.

Thankfully, forest department workers local law enforcers were able to tranquilize the wild animal. They did so inside of the large factory to ensure the worker’s safety as well as the leopards. The Deputy Conservator of Forests in the Delhi suburb of Gurgaon, R Anand says that the leopard was first brought to an animal hospital for examination. All the results were good for the leopard. He adds that they chose to release the animal in the wild far away from humans. Also, any other factory buildings on Friday afternoon.