Nick Cannon Says No To Apologizing To University

Rapper and Comedian Nick Cannon did a show back in Septemeber at Georgian Court University. He told his millions of Twitter fans that he will not be apologizing to the school after his appearance. According to the school, his performance was a great disappointment due to the language he was using.
Cannon, who is the former host of America’s Got Talent did a live performance during the school’s reunion and homecoming weekend.
The performance was a The Strand theater.

Some students thought that the show was great. However, after reading some posts, Joseph R. Marbach, the university’s president, chose to send out a letter to students and staff.

In the letter, it states that Cannon went against the terms of the contract that was agreed upon by both parties. It goes on to say that his act was the opposite of the school’s expectations.

Nick Cannon In Hot Water Over Comedy Bit

He says that though comedians do talk about serious social issues, Nick Cannon went overboard. Marbach said that the words that Nick chose to use were offensive. Also, that they do not represent the values of the school. He ends the note apologizing to the university and states that college demands an apology from Nick and his “people.”

Cannon, however, has already said that he will not say sorry.

If anything, he says that he is sorry that the school does not respect his freedom of speech.

Gail Towns, a spokeswoman for the University, chose to no say how much Cannon received for the gig.

Nick was in the news earlier this year over controversy. At the beginning of the year, Nick resigned from working with the folks at America’s Got Talent. He did so because according to Nick himself, he was threatened with punishment over a racial joke about NBC. NBC is the network that the show is on.