Nevada Sees Deadliest Shooting, 59 Killed

Over the weekend, the deadliest shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada that left fifty-eight people dead. According to news reports, there are more than two hundred people injured from being in the crossfire of the gunman. Across from the Mandalay Bay Hotel, there was a massive concert that had a croud of twenty-two thousand people. For some reason, a man by the name of Stephen Paddock opened gunfire.

Stephen Paddock was a Nevada resident and was sixty-four years old. He was staying at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the thirty-second floor. From there, he aimed his gun at the crowd of people attending the nightly festival across the street on Sunday night.

Nevada Sees Deadlisest Shooting In U.S. Modern History

Soon after killing fifty-eight people and injuring over two-hundred people, he pointed the gun to himself. Nevada’s police officials did a raid on his room for other shooters. Inside the room was a Paddock, with ten other guns. At this point, there is no link to Stephen Paddock and any international terrorism even though new casts are claiming that there is a connection.

The current president of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump could only describe this act as pure evil. In the President’s recent speech to the American people, Donald Trump gave praise to the local police and emergency officials that were quick to come to the scene of destruction.

He says if it weren’t for those first responder, more death could have occured that night. However, Trump later says he has plans to visit Las Vegas Nevada in this time of grieving in America. Gunfire struck at the final show of the music festival and people at first thought it the noises were coming from fireworks. As the shooting went on, people were falling and a lot of trampling occured.