Stampede In Mumbai Kills 22 People

22 people are now dead since Friday after stampede in Mumbai. The incident has brought a debate as on the urban infrastructure within India.

People who were able to see the event unfold say that they saw people panicking. Continuous panicking led to trampling.

According to Anil Saxena, a spokesman for the railway, the reason for the stampede was a rainstorm that came out of nowhere. People were gathering on the footbridge waiting for the storm to end. Some slipped due to the water, thus causing the stampede.
Shyam Doijade, who was there during all the commotion says that the bridge is not big enough for a lot of people. He says that people were getting stuck. Some of them couldn’t get their heads out of the way. Others feet were getting stuck as well.

A stampede in India causes many to die

Thankfully, this specific occasion has shined more light on the topic. More so for that commute. According to Doijode, residents utilize that bridge for work purposes on a regular basis. Approximately 7 million commuters use the bridge daily. Also, people stuff themselves inside the trains.
Some even hang outside of the train’s car. Be that as it may, the trains for Mumbai are always have too many people aboard.

Plenty of people from India have complained to their government via social media about the train issues.

Piyush Goyal, who is a Railway Minister ran to the Elphinstone as the stampede was going on. He says that the government is going to investigate the matter further.
People lined up near the King Edward Memorial Hospital to offer blood to those involved. At the same time, citizens speaking to reporters would describe the scene as horrific and hard to watch. Hospitals are running out of beds. Doctors and nurses are treating patients in chairs.