Pigs Cause Swine Flu Outbreak In Maryland

Pigs in a few fairs are carrying the flu. Currently, five more residents of Maryland have been diagnosed with swine flu. All residents got the illness after engaging with pigs at county fairs in the area.

According to the Maryland Department of Health, those who recently contracted the disease have H3N2v. This particular variant came from pigs at the Great Frederick County Fair. Also at the Anne Arundel County Fair.
According to reports, of those with the infection, none have gone to the hospital. Also, none have any serious illnesses in association with the swine flu.

The animals had to go under quarantine after even people contracted the same disease from the Charles County Fair.

Eleven pigs that were at the Great Frederick Fair were found to have influenza A.

The news about the pigs came straight from the Maryland Department of Agriculture on Monday.

Three exhibits had to close on Sept 19, at the Calvert County Fair due to the flu. The fair is to end on Oct. 1. The message to close the exhibit was from the Maryland Secretary of Agriculture.

There is lift on the ban of the pig exhibit. There will be a lot cleaning going on in the barn, as well as disinfecting.

So far, 95 of the animals as the Great Frederick County are under quarantine. The decision came in after confirmation from the Maryland Department of Agriculture received the results of positive swine flu tests. There were three farms that had pigs in the fair. The animals came from Frederic County Farms.
Officials from the health department asked that anyone with flu symptoms to seek their doctors. Especially if they have been in contact with pigs from the fair.

Swin flu symptoms are not too much different than seasonal flu symptoms.
There are limitations when it comes to human to human transmission of the swine flu.