Shawn Mendes Donates $100k To Victims

Shawn Mendes has launched a social media fundraiser to help the people who were affected by the earthquake in Mexico City. The earthquake struck Mexico City just days after Shawn Mendes left thankfully he got out safely before it hit. Shawn Mendes and Andrew Gertler, his manager, started off the online fundraiser with donating first a 100,000 dollars.

The Canadian songwriter and singer Shawn Mendes has a GoFundMe Crowdrise platform online. The Canadian singer and his manager announced that all the money raised will go directly to disaster relief in Mexico City. The thanks to  goes the ever trusting RedCross foundation. Reports Say that Mendes and his team were not in the hortl when the eathquke began.  Now, due to the earthquake, the hotel is in shambles.

On his social media platforms, Shawn says that the hotel himself and his team were in was no more after the earthquake.

He also included how fortunate he is as well as his staff that travels with him from show to show. The Canadian singer recalls loud noises, people screaming and running then hearing emergency sirens.

After listening to all the sounds, he then remembers hearing the hotel announcing an emergency evacuation from the building. The reason being the earthquake. Mendes went on to express the fear himself and his employees that work with him on the road  were experiencing. They all could breathe once they were out the hotel building safely. Manager Andrew Gertler says once they out on the street there were hundreds of people from other buildings safely but also in shock.

At this point, there are several hundred of people who died in Mexico City due to the earthquake. Singer Shawn Mendes also says on on Twitter that he sends his prayers and love to everyone after the earthquake. He looks forward to returning to Mexico when he can. He then added how much enjoyed visiting the city and loved the people of Mexico City.