Cheat Days And Why They Work For Weight Loss

Weight loss specialist are saying that taking cheat days might just be the trick to shedding a few more pounds. Everyone has gone through it when it comes to losing weight. New researchers are proving that taking a cheat day may not just help you shed a few pounds. It may keep the weight you lost long term.

People who have diet faithfully for fourteen days then took a cheat day and kept repeating the same routine were proven to maintain the weight off longer. Adding a cheat day into your routine will help you lose more fat than people who diet non-stop. The recent study on cheat days was done by The International Journal Of Obesity and was just published last week.

Cheat Days May Actually Help To Lose Weight

The study reports that for us to lose weight, we must eat less food and be more active. Although, when we eat less our body responds by increasing our ability to burn fewer calories. This occurs while at rest and increase our appetites. When our body responds in this way, it will set our bodies up for failure and hinder the weight loss desired. It is called a protective measure when our bodies react in that way to conserve energy because our bodies think it is going into starvation mode.

Some doctors call it the famine body reaction to dieting consistently. This info comes fro the head of the School of Health Sciences at the University of Tasmania Nuala Byrne. Nuala Byrne states in her interview that the human bodies senses will change to reserve our energy outtake and intake. For this reason, we have weight plates. She later says that this doesn’t mean we can’t be fruitful in long haul weight reduction. We simply need a superior comprehension of how the body functions. Adding in a quick cheat day in your daily diet routine could reverse your standard bodies protective respond to dieting.