Modern Slavery Still In 2017

Modern slavery is still going on today in the world. In 2016, there were reports that there are still over forty-million people who are victims of] slavery. Sadly one in four of the victims to modern slavery are children. The International Labor Organization which is a U.N. agency that solely focuses on ending modern slavery throughout the world did the recent report. The International Labor Organization also goes by the name of ILO focuses on the Walk Free Foundation and labor rights that are victimizing people into modern slavery in the world. The study estimates people were forcing around fifteen million people were into marriage. Traffickers are forcing twenty-five million people into labor where they were working under coercion.  Or threat to their lives or family.

Researchers of the study say it is impossible to know the exact number of people throughout the whole world that is still living in modern slavery.

Another reason is that there are many different studies with different estimations as well. The researchers on this quest reported that one of the largest reasons for the slavery is due to hidden crimes. They are hard to identify. Other studies do not consider forced marriages as being slavery while others do. The same goes for different types of work environments or the age that people start or forced into working.

The two largest figures of modern slavery came from the ILO nd The Walk Free Foundation. Together they named their quest the 2017 Global Estimates of Slavery. It was the first time that two large foundations came together to bring one estimated of worldwide slavery. Both The Walk Free Foundation and The International Labor Organization stated that their combined figures are the most reliable of modern slavery up to this date. Both foundations say there is a lot of work to be still done to stop slavery throughout the world.