Lana Del Rey Splits From Boyfriend G-Eazy

Lana Del Rey and her boyfriend are no more. The singer known for her hit song Cherry was dating rapper and producer G-Eazy. The two have chosen split. G-Eazy is currently dating singer Halsey.

A friend of the whos say that G-Eazy was begging Lana to be the singer on his new song Him and I. After the breakup, he no longer wanted her on his track.

Instead, he chose Halsey to be on the song, and now she is also his girlfriend.

G-Eazy’s real name is Gerald Gillum. He and Lana were first seen together at Coachella.

Their friend says that the two spent the whole weekend together.

The two were kissing and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

Also, the source says that the two came to the event with the same friends.

Lana Del Rey And G-Eazy Are No Longer A Couple Confirms Source

While dancing to Kendrick Lamar’s set, G-Eazy couldn’t keep his eyes off of Lana.

But the singer also took the time to find inspiration for her own music while at the festival.

The singer was able to share a clip of her singing part of a song she was writing after leaving the event,

On her Instagram page, she says that she had complex feelings about spending so much time dancing. Especially with how things are going on in the world currently.

She also said that she wanted to visit a few of her favorite places while on the road. She says that she sat down outside and began to write just a blip of a song. The singer says that he hopes someone finds peace in her words. Also, that she hopes that someone’s peace will reach the world. She told her fans to have a great day and that she loves them.