Bald and Beautiful: New Research On Bald Men

Men no longer need to stress over going bald. In fact, that thin hair may actually be helping.

The University of Pennsylvania had researchers conduct a study called Shorn Scalps and Perception of Male Dominance. In the study, they did notice that men who are bald are seen as more dominant, taller, and confident.

There were the major tests given to college students, both women, and men from the researchers. The tests asked them to rate pictures of men when it comes to confidence, dominance, and attractiveness. A few of the pictures would have the same man but once with hair and the next without.

The people a part of the survey gave the bald men high ratings when it came to being confident and dominant.

They were also thought to be stronger and taller.

On the other hand, when it came to being attractive, they didn’t receive the same ratings. Bald men received substantially lower scores on attractiveness than those who had thicker manes.

With this new information, researchers did note that bald men are to do better at negotiating. The reason being their more dominant look.

On a better note, the majority of the findings was good news for most men. According to stats from the American Hair Loss Association, nearly 85 percent of men’s hair will significantly become thinner by the time they turn 50. Male pattern baldness typically occurs around the age of 21.

Something else from the study is that balding can make a man look four years older than his real age.

Researchers say instead of holding on to last of your hair, give it a shave.

They say instead of spending money trying to stop the effects of hair loss, they should just shave it all off.

Who knows, shaving the hair off could have positive effects on their life.