Brothers From Netflix Special Under Arrest

Brothers who happened to be apart of the Netflix series “Last Chance U’, are making headlines for something not as positive. They were in the series for playing college football. Well, now they are in the news because the two are somehow in connection with a stabbing that ended in death in Tennessee.

The brothers, Camion Patrick and Isaiah Wright, plus four other men, have been charged for the death of Caleb Radford. The incident occurred on July 25. Police found Radford, who was 18, in the middle of  the street in Louisville, Tennessee. There were multiple stab wounds all over his body. On August 3 the two suspects were under arrest. The suspects names are Keshawn Hopewell, who is 21, and Itiq Green, who is 28.

On Wednesday, Wright was under arrest in Tennessee. His brother was also arrested on Wednesday, but in Bloomington, Ind.

Brothers From Netflix Special Under Arrest

For a time, Patrick was on Indiana University’s football team as wide receiver and running back. Due to multiple injuries, he wasn’t able to play anymore. Well, on July 20, officials gave him a medical hardship waiver. That means, he could no longer play on the team, but he can still go to the school on the football scholarship. After his arrest, he did receive a suspension from the school. He went to East Mississippi Community College for two years before going to Indiana. During the 2016 football season, he had four rushes and six receptions.

His brother, on the other hand, was a running back for Auburn. He was also on scholarship. He spent some time at East Mississippi as well. That’s where the two were during the filming of “Last Chance U.” Wright was apart of the series second edition. In the series, both Wright and Patrick spokes on the challenges the two had to face as small children. They were both apart of the foster care system. Their mother left them, and their father remains in prison.

A lot of fans were looking forward to watching Wright play after an amazing 2016 season. But everything came crashing down after sustaining an injury. Wright and his coach would always clash. He chose to enroll at West Georgia, which is a Division II school, but he did not return for the 2017 season.