Parasites Next To Be Extinct?

Animals worldwide are constantly on the move, and the parasites on them are as well. In recent times, a group of scientists performed a new, first-time study on a massive scale of what climate changes are doing to the world’s parasites both good and bad. The scientists working on this new study discovered some shocking results. They found that some of the worlds parasites species could become extinct in the next coming century, one in three could face those facts.

Temperatures on our planet earth are slowly rising due to climate changes or also known as global warming. Scientists also discovered that because of the climate changes some parasites will lose their territory in which they live to survive.

Almost all parasites have a host that they will live on or get to a place to place. It is more than likely that some of their hosts will become extinct too.

The author of the study and a graduate student at the University of California Colin J, Carlson says the research that was done by the scientists blow his mind with all the results. Colin J. Carlson says he knows many people won’t take this newest study too serious because of what they are. His approach is to remind people of how important parasites are to our earth ecosystems. If parasites become extinct it could affect our health as humans and our foods, says Colin J. Carlson.

The group of researchers believes that parasites deserve some respect. Such as other top predator have gotten in recent decades such as wolves. At one point people did consider wolves to be vermin. Once they started to become extinct, the earth ecosystems began to change. Researchers understood that as best predators, wolves held populaces of prey within proper limits, which enabled plants to flourish. After relocating wolves back to places like Yellowstone, neighborhood biological systems became better as well.