Flu Season Is Back, And With Avengence

Well, it’s flu season again. However,  Most will have to face the needle. For the second year in a row, the American Academy of Pediatrics is telling parents to get their the flu shots. The flu mist is a no go.

The CDC is also recommending the flu shot instead of FluMist. They issued their statement several months ago. Reports from children and adults that used the nasal spray proved not to be successful.

The first reviews for the FluMist  came out in 2013. They have been receiving bad reviews now since 2016. The FluMist nasal spray was not performing accurately when fighting against different strains of the flu virus.

An immunizations coordinator for the Visiting Nurses Association in the United States Cindy Ruma says she wonders if people of the U.S. will continue using the nasal spray. Many doctors are refraining from recommending the mist. Physicians in the U.S. worry about the absence of the needle choice in 2016 ago. It did not seem to have highly affected inoculation rates, as some had dreaded.

Cindy Ruma, an immunization coordinator, says that last years number for children and adults getting the flu shot did not change. The results were from previous years.

Flu Season Is Back and The FluMist Is Out

Not in all states, the numbers remained the same such as Pennsylvania showed a slight decrease for flu shots in just children. Be that as it may, these reports came from the United States National Data from the CDC. The ages of children from the report decline slight decline ranged from six-months to age seventeen. Only a one-percent drop for 2016 flu shots.

In Omaha, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Children’s Hospital & Medical CenterDoctor Jessica Snowden say that the newest techniques for the healthcare field seemed to work very well for 2016 and we are expecting the same for 2017.