United Airlines Face No Punishment After Assault

A few months ago, United Airlines was in hot water. They chose to drag a passenger off the plane due to overcrowdedness.

Well, the Fed’s have decided to not punish the airline for the matter. According to the Transportation Department, there was no evidence of UA violating the Civil Rights of David Dao.

Back in May, the department’s lawyer announced the decision in a letter that was given to them. Be that as it may, the contents of the letter are only now making headlines. Flyer Rights, an advocacy group, released the contents of the letter on Wednesday.

The president of Flyers Rights, Paul Hudson, was not too happy about how the situation came to be. He says that the way the airline handled 69-year-old Dao was appalling, to say the least.

It all began after United agents made a call to O’Hare Airport security officers asking for help to make room on a plane. They were trying to make room for four employees who were on the way to help staff a flight in Louisville, Kentucky the next day.

The footage security pulling Dao out of his seat, and slung around the aisle was seen by many from all over the world.

United Airlines was able to avoid lawsuits after both parties agreed to a settlement.

As of now, no one knows the terms of the settlement.

Oscar Munoz, the CEO of United Continental Holdings Inc. did apologize for first standing with the airline. During the incident, Dao lost two teeth, they broke his nose, and he had a concussion.

On Wednesday, the airline made another apology.

Unbeknownst to most, airlines can oversell flights. When this occurs, they try to offer traveling vouchers. However, they do so to encourage people to give up their seat. Also, they can also physically force someone off of a flight. If this occurs, the passenger does receive some form of compensation.