NFL Cancels Sunday’s Game Due To Hurricane

On Tuesday, the NFL announced that this Sunday’s game in Florida would occur in Miami due to Hurricane Irma on its way.
The NFL says it’s considering two options: playing the game at a neutral site or playing the game later in the season in Miami.

In their statement, the NFL said that with Hurricane Irma on its way to South Florida, the Dolphins vs. the Buccaneers game would not be played this Sunday. The game was to occur Sunday at 1 p.m.

The decision to cancel Sunday’s game was an easy one for the league. They spoke with both local and state officials before making their choice.

The NFL is looking into to other options for the game.

If the teams can find a neutral stadium to play in, the game will still be on. However, if not, then they will play in Miami on a later date.

Plenty of the Dolphins players have expressed their negative feelings towards playing on their bye week.

Jay Cutler, who plays quarterback says that playing that week is going to be rough. He says that the team needs that to replenish and get ready for the next week.

According to Byron Maxwell, who plays cornerback, says that he doesn’t like the idea. He enjoys his bye week. Maxwell says that the players bodies’ need the week off. He is hoping that they can figure out a way to get the game back on schedule, just at a different location.
Byron says that he is looking forward to playing the team. He said that they should all just get down, and ball. He stated that he knows that a lot of local fans will be upset about missing a home game. However, Byron says that playing in front of local fans is one of the best parts of the game.