Prince Harry & Meghan Markle In Love

The well-known celebrity actress Meghan Markle finally spoke about her romantic relationship with Prince Harry for the first time in the public eye. Markle said in the interview that she is a sucker for a great love story such as her own. She is thirty-four years old and stars in T.V. drama Suits. She openly talked about her relationship with Prince Harry at the Vanity Fair interview. Markle said they love spending special time together. The celebrity actress also stated that they are two happy people but are happily in love.

Later in the interview, Markle said that she and Prince Harry had been in a long relationship before the public even knew at the end of 2016. She said that she and Prince Harry had already been in love for around six months before it was public. The cute couple met in July 2016, and the media went crazy. Paparazzi followed the new couple nonstop when it was reported that handsome Prince Harry was dating the American celebrity actress Meghan Markle. People were supporting them, and it upset Prince Harry at the time. Prince Harry then announced for the paparazzi to stop abusing and harassing him and his new love interest.

Meghan Markle plays the lawyer Rachel Zane on the TV drama Suit but still finds plenty of time for her Prince.

She says she is happy how they are growing together as a couple. Also, that she ooks forward to what is to come. The celeberty’s acting career keeps her busy. She has an extensive support system of people in life such as her family, friends and of course her boyfriend.

Both Prince Harry and Mehgan keep away from reading headlines about themselves. The two do so because there is no need if since they know where they stand as a couple.