Mylotarg for Leukemia Drug Gets Approval

On September 1st, 2017 the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the drug made by Pfizer Inc’s Mylotarg. The new drug can be used for specific patients with acute myeloid Leukemia Bone Cancer or AMP. Mylotarg medication drug was off the market in 2010 but now is back for patients in need of it.

Mylotarg drug was able to receive approval to treat patients with tumors containing CD33 antigen. As well as patients with a diagnois of myeloid Leukemia Bone Cancer. The drug Mylotarg was also has a use to treat small children age two and older with positive CD33 AML. Also those who have not had reoccurring bone cancer or did not respond to their first treatment for AML. FDA has warning labels in place on the medication box saying the drug Mylotarg can cause chronic or fatal liver damages.

Mylotarg drug label warnings say the medication can block veins that lead to the liver causing death.

At first Mylotarg, medicine was a standalone treatment for adult patients with a positive CD33 for myeloid Leukemia Bone cancer and have were experiencing recurring cancer in 2000. After bit’s use as an independent treatment in 2000, it was voluntarily put off the market because of reported studies that failed to treat the patients taking the drug. Reports is 2000 came out that the medication was not as beneficial as people first were thinking and was causing a higher number of deaths.

Leukemia cancer starts in the bone marrow of the affected patients and is a very progressive disease. AML cancer progresses so quickly that the patients will have an increase of their white blood cells. Around 21,500 people in the United States will be receive a diagnosis of Myeloid Leukemia Bone Cancer this year. While 10, 600 patients with AML cancer will be fatal according to the National Cancer Institute of America.