Tropical Storm Lidia Leaves Four Dead

Due to Tropical Storm Lidia, four people have died, and at least 20,000 people visiting are struck in Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula.

Officials are saying that the number of deaths is looking to go up during the weekend. Emergency workers are surveying the area. So far, only one person’s family says they are missing. On  TV,  people saw the damage that was coming from the storm.

Arturo de la Rosa Escalante, the mayor of the town, says that people were electrocuted by down power lines. After being under flood water to long, one woman is no longer with us. Also, as a mother was crossing an area that was full of water, her baby fell from her hands.

Due to airlines not flying in planes in or out of the area, close to 20,000 foreign tourists were stuck on the mainland.

People from all over have been looking for refuge from the flood

Tropical Storm Lidia Causing Havoc In Mexico

The winds coming from Lidia have gone up to 45 mph but will weaken as time goes on.

By Sunday, the storm will teeter off.

The storm arr approximately 70 miles east of Punta Eugenia. It was on its way north going around 12 mph.

The rain from Lidia’s down pours swept across a vast majority o Mexico.

Be that as it may, hurricane center is saying that some of the storms will indeed affect parts of the U.S. desert. Parts looking to receive heavy rain are South Cali, Southern Nevada, and western Nevada. All off these states will be seeing down pours all Labor Day weekend,

In other news, Hurrican Irma is looking as though it’s going to reach the easter Caribbean Sea by next week.

The winds from the Irma were reaching 110 mph. So far, there is no land threat or warnings in effect for the storm.