United States Gas Prices On The Rise

Gas continues to skyrocket all over the United States as Hurricane Harvey continues to wreak havoc. Currently, the average price for gas is $2.44.
Governor Roy Cooper sent out a State of Emergency on the gas cap in Raliegh, North Carolina. However, rhe cap is vehicles driving into and out the state.

This new order will make it easier for gasoline to move quicker and easily to areas affected by the storm

Complaints have been coming in left an right to the North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein’s office.

Colonial Pipeline runs a line from the East Coast and Lake Charles.
As of now, the lines in Houston remain down. Most, if not all gas stations are down.

Gas stations in the area that are open have drivers coming in by the bus load. Even so, some stations are running out of gas.

United States Gas Prices On The Rise

Companies are saying that they will be able to make it back to Houston by Sunday.

Be that is it may, the pipeline provides close to 40 percent of gasoline to the South.

Everyone in the area is seeing the hike in gas prices. With that being said, people are going from town to town to find lower prices.

Moreover, one person said the cheapest gas they saw was at $2.31
Stein said the NC Department of Justice would be reviewing complaints from consumers about excessively high fuel prices.

According to officials, suspiciously high gas prices could mean that some stations are being shady. They are purposely raising the prices knowing that people are in serious need.

Any residents who feel as though the gas they are receiving is too high are urged to call (877)-5-NO-SCAM. Also, they can file a complaint at www.ncdoj.gov.
Also, back in 2016, a gas spill in Alabama made the Colonial Pipeline shut down for days. This made gas prices go up in states such as Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas.