Michael Jackson’s Daughter’s Tribute

The daughter of the beloved late singer Michael Jackson Ms. Paris Jackson paid tribute to him of what would have been his fifty-ninth birthday. Jackson shared a touching photograph of herself with her late father Michael Jackson sharing a kiss. Michael Jackson’s daughter shared their picture on her social media sharing it with thousands of followers.

In the description of the photo, Paris shared birthday wishes to her father as the love of her life. She also gave him thanks for showing her the value of what real passion is. Paris Jackson also expressed how her father taught her solid life morals and the value of dreaming. She can never love someone as much as she loves her dad, the late Michael Jackson. On Jackson’s social media, she shared with her fans how much she misses her father and takes him with her everywhere she goes. Also, how their souls as father and daughter share a connection. She also shared how much she continues to honor and love her dad, Michael Jackson.

The late singer Michael Jackson died in his Los Angeles home in early June of 2009.

The beloved singer and celebrity was only fifty years old on the day of his death. At the MTV Music Video Awards on Sunday, August 27th, Pairs Jackson shared another picture of her at the awards. on stage with her father . Jackson was kissing her forehead.

After the MTV Music Video Awards, Paris Jackson made news headlines because of a powerful speech.. She shared that she knows her father would have been proud of her speech she shared with everyone watching the MTV Music Video Awards. Her speech discussed on the topic of white supremacist and Nazi in the United States and how we should come together as a country to show that we have zero tolerance for any violence, discrimination, and hate.