Aetna Sent Out HIV Statuses Statewide

According to the Legal Actions Center and AIDS Project of Pennsylvania, the lawyers say that Aetna breached the privacy of thousands of patients. Aetna sent mailed letters in envelopes to their trusting patients. Inside the letters were their results of their HIV status in several states in the U.S.

According to consumer organizations of the United States, Aetna gave out information in about twelve thousand letters to their patients. Aetna Health Care Company sent letters informed their customer’s private information. Be that as it may, some of the letters were advising patients to change their medications to treat their HIV.

Almost all of the letters began with the company informing patients with when refilling your HIV medication. Most people with HIV or aids, try to keep their status to themselves. Well for some, that’s no longer an option.

Aetna Health  mailed the twelve thousand letters around the United States accidentally.

When Aetna sent out the thousands of letters, they revealed private medical information. The info came from their database and disclosed their customers struggling with AIDS.

Recently,  the health care company gave many apologies for mailing the thousands of the letters all around the U.S. with their patient’s private information. Also, many of their patients have already filed complaints with the Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights.  Unfortunately, thousands of Aetna’s customers were very unhappy about receiving the letter with their HIV status.

The healthcare company says they are making the necessary changes within their business to ensure this will never happen again. In a letter telling clients of the protection break,  Aetna Health Company says they did not learn about the incident until  July 31, 2017. The data breach came through from the envelope window.  Plus, the company says they are in a current investigation. They want to find how and why the letters were mailed in the first place.