Kim Jong-un Prepares Troops To INVADE

Kim Jong-un’s army is preparing them to learn the necessary skills to take over the South Korean military. Un has argued for a long time that he is being victimized with aggression by South Korea and the United States. Kim Jong-un has been lying to the people of South Korea so that his people will support his decisions. He plans to continue to expand his arsenal of nuclear missiles.

The way Kim Jong-un is preparing his military is only engaging the U.S.  and South Korea to ready themselves for attack.

The United States and South Korea are training and warning their troops for a possible World War III coming soon. In one of the recent attacks on South Korea’s border island of Yeonpyeong and Baengnyeong warplanes came without fear targeting missile launchers at their army base. As well as targeting rocket launchers at howitzers barraged the landscape of the fake war zone areas.

North Korea is performing test runs on the Southern territory of Korea. The area might later be apart of a real attack on the islands. Other sneak attacks conducted by North Korea have been on rubber dinghies and setting them on fire. The news of the drills comes in the midst of enormous strains in the district after the Hermit Kingdom propelled a few shots off its east drift towards the Sea of Japan.

The South Korean military at first detailed the dispatch as an unidentified shot, asserting it had gone around 155 miles. The following proclamation from Seoul said North Korea had discharged a few short-go shots into the ocean. Japanese authorities announced the weapons may have been ballistic rockets. The United States army says that the North Korea’s three short range of missiles launches have failed. They explode either before they land, or in the air.