Watching Netflix Could Be Causing Bad Sleep

Yes, we know everyone does it binge watching Netflix more than once a week. Recent reports are now telling us what we probably already know. Binge-watching television and Netflix can negatively impact your life and even your sleeping patterns.

In mid-August at the University of Michigan and the Leuven School for Mass Communications Research in Belgium, a large group of researchers studied young people in Americas sleep patterns.Researchers did publish their findings on Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine on the study of people binge watching Netflix.

Four-hundred twenty-three people ranging from ages eight to twenty-five years were apart of the study. From the large group of members around sixty-one percent of them were females. The researchers also asked series of questions on the quality of their sleep. If they experience weakness or insomnia over a thirty day period.

Watching Hours Of Netflix Can Cause Bad Sleeping Patterns

The results from the study of the four-hundred and twenty-three participants were shocking, to say the least. Around eighty percent of the participants admitted to being binge-watchers to either TV and Netflix. While the other percent says, they had binge-watched sometime before the actual study took place. The study also proved that women binge watch TV and Netflix more than men do.

Although the study also shows that men will binge watch twice as long as women when they did. For the eighty percent of people who binge-watch TV & Netflix had higher rates of insomnia, weakness, and poor sleep quality. Reports from the study show that almost one-third of the participants were experiencing bad sleep habits was due to binge-watching.

Besides, while scientists found that members rested a regular of seven and a half hours for each night, which is inside the prescribed norms of seven to nine hours, they noticed that rest quality and timing was extremely deficient.