Junior dos Santos Tests Positive For Substance

Friday morning, wasn’t a good one for fans of the former UFC heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos. Tests came back positive for the champ for a substance that is banned by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). The fighter was preparing for his Sept. 9 fight with Francis Ngannou at UFC 215.

Well, now the fight is off. Dos Santos is making efforts to clear his name of any wrong doing. A rep for dos Santos, Ana Claudia Guedes, spoke with MMA Junkie about what was going on with the heavyweight.
She said that the substance in question, Hydrochlorothiazide, was in his system. This substance is a masking agent, and the USADA bans its use. His rep claims that his camp does not have any idea where the drug came from. Junior undergoes random blood and urine tests and never has received a positive drug test.

His camp put in a request for a B sample. B samples tend to be identical to A samples when it comes to test results. They are in the process of analyzing his meds and nutritional supplements. His camp is checking to see if any of his items have been tampered with.

Junior dos Santos Tests Positive Substance Before Fight

Be that as it may, the 33-year-old fighter from Brazil has fought against three fighters, did not pass their drug tests. Those fighters have gone on to clear the systems, and remain in the UFC.
Ngannou was furious when he first heard of the positive results, After speaking with JDS, he has since changed his stance.

However, Guedes says that Junior has not let his test results deter him from supporting USADA drug testing. He spoke with his opponent and sincerely apologized for the incident. Junior and Ngannou have both came to an understanding, and look forward to fighting in the future.