Manila Raids Kills Hundreds

On Tuesday, in a Providence north of Manila, raids were taken place.

Officials claim that those dead were aiming to kill officers.

In 2016, President Rodrigo Duterte began what some consider “a controversial” war on drugs.
The goal was to wipe out all drug dealers and offenders. The tirade has garnered a lot of attention from countries around the world. Most attention is due to the number of deaths over time.

The sting on Tuesday went on from Monday night at midnight until Tuesday. Dozens of raids went on all across the Philippines. Officials were able to arrest over 100 people, and officers were able to seize not only drugs but weapons as well.

Manila Raids Kills and Injures Hundreds

Although Dutertes hasn’t been in the news recently internationally, the vast amount of deaths has him in headlines.

He spoke to the public last night and had choice words for mayors, judges, and police officers aiding and abiding.

According to more reports, some men and women have been shot cold on the streets by vigilantes. Though they might not have been dealers, it seems as though it’s an all out war happening in the Philippines.

Be that as it may, there are plenty of citizens who support President Duterte and the war on drugs.

People on the street claim to see less bag snatching occurring. Some even feel safer knowing that officers are handling the situation.

Activist, on the other hand, feel as though something else entirely is going on. They believe the police are planning the killings and profiting from them in some fashion.

The police are holding on to the claims that death only occurs to suspects who are dangerous and have weapons. Back in January, Mr. Duterte put a halt on his campaign for retraining of officers. In march, the campaign continued.