Faster Diagnosis of Zika Virus

Testing for the Zika virus can be a long process. Typically testing for the Zika virus requires several blood tests that have to remain cold.  The sample is then sent to a laboratory or medical center. When testing for anything this servere, it could be deadly also delaying possible treatment.

Reports from one of the Indian-origins the scientists there have created a nanotechnology-based test that will quickly diagnose the Zika virus. The test will quickly detect the presence of the Zika virus. Doing so increases the chances of receiving treatment in time. Scientists are saying that this new technology might also help to fight other infectious diseases.

Test results rely on the protein levels made by the Zika virus

Once the nano test relies on the protein levels, then it will attach to tiny gold nanorods.  The next step using the test covering the paper completely with small protective crystals. The crystals then will allow safer shipping and storage without the need for cold temperatures.

At the Washington University in St. Louis an Associate Professor Srikanth Singamaneni says if an examine for the Zika virus requires the power and refrigeration, it invalidates the point of creating something to use in an asset constrained setting, particularly in tropical regions of the world. Later Srikanth Singamaneni included that their primary goal is to make the test immune from different humidities and temperatures.

Once a small amount of the patient’s blood is on the paper with the the nanorods, things within  the blood on the paper react. The immunoglobulins will react with the proteins from the Zika virus. If the patient has come in contact with the virus then it will change colors.

As different irresistible ailments rise the world over, doctors can use similar systems to create tests to recognize the nearness of infections that may wind up noticeably hazardous, the scientists said.