Bolt Preparing For His Last Race

Usain Bolt, one of the world’s fastest men, could be seen on the track during the 4 x 100, relay.

30-year bolt made a previous announcement that he would be retiring after he returns from the world championships in London. With 50,000 adoring fans watching, Bolt took to the track one more time with the Jamaican team during the relay heats.

Currently, the Jamaican team is the world and Olympic champions when it comes to relay heats. The team wants very much so, to send Bolt off as a winner for his last big race. Last weekend, he received the Bronze medal during the individual 100m dash.

The group includes of Tyquendo Tracey, Julian Forte, Michael Campbell, and Bolt. They were able to make the third fastest time in 37.95 seconds.

Bolt told reporters that it was hard to describe the feelings running through him.

He said that he loves the fans and their support. They gave him a lot of energy. He went on to say that they have been training hard for the relay. Even though there were mistakes, they did their best.

The US group, which has runners such as world champion Justin Gatlin and Christian Coleman did phenomenal the race. They were the winners of the first heat, in which they ran it in 37.70 seconds. The British team came in second at 37.76 seconds.
The U.S. team will try again to surpass Bolt during his last race.

Michael Rodgers, who is the lead-off man, said that the team is confident that will win the race.The team is looking to make Bolts last race, the greatest yet!

They are taking the next couple of days to prepare for the upcoming championships.

The Jamaican team is looking to add Yohan Blake and Omar Mcleod on to the roster. They believe by combining those two; it will increase the team’s power.