Usher Getting Sued Due To STD’s

Famous R&B singer, Usher, is all over social media and news outlets after claims of giving women Herpes hit the web. One woman alleges that they had a sexual relationship with him, and is suing him because of him not revealing he has the STD.

On July 7th, 2017 Quantasia Sharpton spoke publicly about when and how she learned about the famous singer Ushers alleged STD.

Ms. Sharpton recalls the night when her friends took her to an Usher concert on her birthday. She recalls being chosen from a large crowd of people to go back stage to meet the singer. Sharpton believes he chose her because of the birthday girl crown she was wearing that night.

Usher In Hot Water Over STD Claims

After meeting Usher, she later received a call directly from the singer to meet up in a hotel room. The young woman, at the time, says her and the singer had a sexual encounter in the hotel room. She never heard from Usher again. She expressed how shocked she was to find out the famous singer possibly had herpes. Her and her lawyer, Lisa Bloom spoke about how though she does not have the disease, she should have been informed, nonetheless.

However, Sharpton claims that she did not know of Ushers STD status. She says that if she did, she would not have slept with him.

The legal documents of Usher’s lawsuit with these three plaintiffs leaked online on July 19th, 2017. The documents prove that Usher admitted in court to having the STD. In 2012, Usher was able to settle the case, and it was never became public. That is, til now. Another woman came forward claiming she has had sexual relations with the singer as well. Her lawyer proceeded to file a civil lawsuit of twenty million American dollars against him for giving her the STD.