Migrants Pushed To Their Death

As of late, close to 29 teenage migrants have been drowned a person who smuggles people into Yemen.

According to the UN’s migration agency, the smuggle became paranoid about coming under arrest, so he pushed 120 people off his boat. The International Organization for Migration was able to find 27 survivors on a beach.

There are still at least twenty-two people currently missing. Be that as it may, everyone else has gone their separate ways, says the IOM.

IOM made note that the median age of the passengers on the boat, who were Somali and Ethiopian, was 16. They got on the vessel in hopes to reach Yemen.

Laurent de Boeck, IOM Yemen Chief of Mission, told reporters that survivors gave their side of the story. They said that the smuggler saw what he thought were police officials close to the cost. He became afraid and began pushing people off the boat into the sea. It was a very traumatic event.

Teenage Migrants Pushed To Their Death By Smuggler

They went on to say that went back to Somalia to smuggle more migrants. The survivors believe that he will be taking the same route he took them on.

Mr. de Boek told reporters that the way the smuggler treated the people on the ship was inhumane. He went on to say that as the migrants go through the different routes, they already face horrible circumstances. Also, young people are paying smugglers money to get them across borders. However, those doing the smuggling continue to give these people false hope

Though Yemen is in the middle of a war, many Africans look at the country as a getaway to a better life. They believe that the closer they are to Europe, the better. Thousands of people crowd in boats, looking for a better life, only to die at the hands on the sea.

Close to 55,00 migrants this year alone, have tried to make it to Yemen. At the same time, most of them are under 18 years of age.