Tiger Woods DUI Case Far From Over

If you thought Tiger Woods was out of the water when came to his DUI case, you were dead wrong. According to news reports from the Palm Beach, Woods is to begin a diversion program DUI for recipients.

Woods was not in court for his DUI case that he received on Memorial Day. His lawyer

Those who enter the diversion program opt for 12-months of probation instead of receiving a DUI conviction. Tiger has another hearing on October 25 at 8:30 a.m. that will finalize his charges. The hearing will take place in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

The program, which is in place for first-time offenders, is new for Florida residents.

Tiger Woods Not Out Of The “Woods” Yet

In a statement from State Attorney Dave Aronberg to CBS 12, he says that since 2013, the program has been very successful. He states that over 2,100 people have joined the program since it began, very few have received DUI’s since.

Police found an inebriated Tiger’s car pulled over on the side of Military Train on Memorial Day at around 2:03 a.m. Though the pro-golfer did not have alcohol in system, he was conscious of where he was. He also could not pass any of the field sobriety tests administered to him. Woods told officers at the scene that he did take a lot of prescription pills. Since his arrest, he was able to complete medication abuse course.
Tiger has not let this incident stop him being out in public. He was recently spotted at an F C Barcelona game in Miami with his kids. Woods was also seen in a social media post. In the picture, he was in the Bahamas, free diving shirtless for lobster. After undergoing his fourth back surgery back in April, there is no word on when the golf champ will return to the green.