Oklahoma Grandmother Forgets Child In Car

According to the sheriff’s office in Oklahoma County, a grandmother forgot her 4-month-old granddaughter in her vehicle.

Reports say that the grandmother of the girl forgot her in the vehicle. She failed to drop her off at daycare, located in Oklahoma City Friday morning. The woman was to drop her off while on her way to work.

The grandmother, who at the time was the sole provider for the child, drove to the daycare around 5 p.m. She was going to pick the little girl up. The workers searched the facility up and down for the child to no avail. She was soon discovered in the back seat of her grandmother’s vehicle.

Grandmother Forgets Granddaughter In The Back Of SUV, Granddaughter Passes Away

Mark Opgrande, a spokesman for the Oklahoma sheriff’s office told reporters that the grandmother thought she had dropped her granddaughter off. While the woman was working, her granddaughter was in the back of her car the entire time.

A spokesperson for the daycare left a message for parents on their Facebook account. In the post, it says that they had incredibly sad news coming from the center. It went on the sat that an unfortunate event occurs with a child that goes to the daycare. The person wrote that at this time, the ask everyone to keep the child and their family in their prayers. They said that though the incident did not occur within the center, the incident did happen outside, in their parking lot.

As of now, the grandmother is not under arrest.

According to Kids and Car, in the U.S. at least 37 children pass away annually due to being in hot cars.
In two separate cases, a 7-month-old boy and a 1-year-old boy both died in Arizona. Both children were inside hot cars.