Microchips Implanted In Wisconsin Workers

Employees receiving microchips say there was a small prick and pinch, but no pain. A Wisconsin based technology company has begun implanting their workers. Those with the microchips can now log onto computers, enter and exit doors or even buys snacks in the break room with thought keys or money.

The company Three Square Market, or 32M as their commonly called, were able to chip 41 out 85 employees. Those who did agree on receiving the microchip did so voluntarily. The company held a “chip Party” for those receiving chips at their headquarters.

Vice president of sales, Melissa Timmins, told reporters that at first she wasn’t “for” the chips, but has chosen to try it out.

After receiving the chip on Monday, she says that it wasn’t as bad as she thought it was going to be.

Katie Langer, who is the marketing executive chose to opt out of receiving the chip. She did so due to health concerns. The chip did receive approval back in 2004 from the FDA, but she’s not willing to take the risks.

More Companies Looking To Microchip Their Workers In The Future

She did say, though, that she may get the chip later in time.

So far, this is the first time the chip has made debut in the United States. It has been readily available in European countries.
Administrators have time and time again expressed how the chips cannot use GPS to track people. Also, they say that since they come with an encryption, private information will remain private.

Microchipping has been around for some time now. Dogs and cats receive microchips from veterinarians in order to keep track of lost animals.
Noelle Chesley, who is a secondary professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, believes the chips are just the beginning. She believes it signs that we are moving into the future.
She said that these chips are only the beginning.