Nicotine Levels Are Decreasing In The U.S.

The Federal Government is looking to decrease the number of nicotine levels in cigarettes nationwide. Scott Gottlieb, the Chief of the United States Food and Drug Administration directed the whole staff to attempt new rules on the nicotine in cigarettes. The FDA has had the upper hand since the beginning of 2001 in controlling the nicotine levels. Sadly, not much is different. Since the announcement on Friday, cigarette stock sales have gone down a lot.

Scott says that the FDA is allowing four additional years for the e-cigarette companies to comply with their products already on the market. There will be written rules and regulations to decrease levels of nicotine in e-cigarettes.

Gottlieb expressed the importance to change now for the better for tomorrow in a speech he made on last Friday. He went on to say that the FDA wants to focus on decreasing the nicotine levels in cigarettes. He would like to see a world where smoking is no longer addicting for our children’s future. It is a fact that smoking is all around not good for your health and can lead to death. There are so many different chemicals, such as tar, that you inhale when you smoke a cigarette causing many diseases. Although, the nicotine in the tobacco in the cigarette is what makes the cigarettes so addictive.

Nicotine Levels On The Decline In The U.S.

In the United States, tobacco in cigarettes is the leading cause of various cancers, and other diseases and ailments. Recent reports say smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths yearly in just America. Thankfully, through constant reminders on social media, school assemblies, commercials, advertisement and more smokers in the U.S. rates have dropped for well over twelve years, and now there is around fifteen percent.

Scott said he had approached the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products. He did so to investigate whether bringing down nicotine levels would make people more likely to purchase bootleg cigarettes. Battery-controlled e-cigarettes transform fluids into a vapor that people inhale.