Garth Brooks Concerts Back To Back Till 2 a.m.

Garth Brooks had back to back concerts on Thursday, July 27th, 2017 at the fair in Mid-State California. People had the privilege of hearing his country music twice in one night. Neighbors near and far did not have a problem with listening to him sing twice. The last concert went until 2 a.m. the next morning.

A neighbor to the surrounding area where the show took place, Crytal Vos, only lives blocks down the street from the fairgrounds says she enjoyed every second of it. Crystal Vos also added she was upset she couldn’t make Garth Brooks concert due to a recent accident. She was happy to hear him sing while she laid in bed. She says that around her neighborhood she is used to listening to different kinds of music live through her window.  Crystal Vos says she can hear the music annually from her house. If she wants to turn up the volume, she will sit outside her home on the street.

Another neighbor, Amanda Brown who also lives down the street from the fairgrounds says whoever lives near by gets yearly live music. Amanda Brown said a couple of nights back she was able to enjoy Kid Rocks music live from her porch.

Garth Brooks Plays Concert Back To Back At State Fair

The City in Mid-State California does not decide on how late is too late for the concerts.Warren Frace the Paso Robles Community Development Director says that the fairgrounds can close whenever because the fair is a state agency. Warren Frace said that typically the city wants noise levels to go down by dust but on Thursday at Garth Brooks concert there were absolutely no noise complaints from anyone in the surrounding areas.

Not everyone was happy with the loud music from the concert . Hallie Cooks, an eleven-year-old who lives near by the fairgrounds was not too happy. She expresses that every single word sang by Garth Brooks was clear as day and the bass was really loud. Hallie Cooks says all she wanted to do was sleep. She even tried putting a pillow over her head to fall asleep. Although young Hallie Cook may be too young to call to make a noise complaint, there will be a city council meeting next week to determine if it may be too late at 2 a.m. for loud concerts.