Blue Green Algae In Lake Okeechobee

On July 8th, in Lake Okeechobee, Florida, the Department of Environmental Protection tested the algae bloom. It was confirmed that it is, in fact, blue, green algae and is not toxic at all. People in the Florida area are still on edge just because of the site of it.

A scientist at Audubon in Florida, Doctor Paul Gray, says that Okeechobee lake water levels got down to around eleven feet and because of that the lake water was backing up from the agriculture areas. Because of this, it affected the St. Lucie Cana. Although, Okeechobee lake was then fertilized with much-needed nutrients.

Many residents don’t worry about the large amount of blue, green algae on Okeechobee lake, such a JP Sasser. JP Sasser says he grew up around Okeechobee lake and even was the mayor of Pahokee town.

Lake Okeechobee Full Of Blue-Green Algae

He also expressed how the green in the lake does not stop him or his family from anything. They will still fish and do everything the same as they do any other time. JP Sasser says the only deterrent for the people who come to Okeechobee lake is the even larger amounts of alligators in the lake.

Later, JP Sasser added that most of the blue, green algae build up is in the middle of the lake. In some cases, it will grow in other parts of the lake as expected. He says that he doesn’t feel that the algae are much of concern for the people living the off coast of Lake Okeechobee.

In the summer of 2016, everyone can remember the Treasure Coast looking the same, covered in the blue, green algae. Thankfully so far the Lake Okeechobee lake water has not contributed to being that bad.

Army Corps Engineer, John Campbell, stated that the case of 2017 blue, green algae is drastically different from last year in 2016. He also added that the lake water level is two feet different than it was in 2016. John Campbell says later it will be determined on how the rest of the summer months will go. As long as the precipitation remains at its normal average they will be able to fix any errors says Campbell.