Celtics Forward Isaiah Thomas Ready To Play

The Celtics are looking as if they are going to be an all-star team this season. Fans were left on the edge seat after finding out that Isaiah Thomas might not be coming back. Well, fans can relax a bit, because reports have come out saying that he will not have to undergo surgery.

After leaving game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals with his hip injury, it was looking as though that was that last we’d see of Thomas. The injury first came about while his team was playing against the Minnesota Timberwolves last March. Due to the injury, Thomas had to miss out on a few games. He ended up re-aggravating his hip while playing in game six of the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Not one to quit, Thomas played three-quarters with Celtics during the conference finals. In order to continue playing the sport he loves, doctors advised him to sit out for the rest of the season.

Hip labrum tears, as their called, have taken the career of many players through the years, including fellow teammate, Jonny Flynn.

Thomas told reporters back in May that he would not undergo surgery unless it was completely necessary. He went on to say that he’s always had a “trick” hip.

The Celtics Look Forward To Isaiah Thomas’s Return

David Ainge, president of the Celtics, told reporters that they were waiting for the swelling in his hip to go down before following up with doctors.

Thirty days later, after taking some time off, Ainge was able to report that Thomas was feeling a better. Also, that his team was expecting him ready to practice during training camp.

As time went on, Brad Stevens, a coach for the Celtics, told reporters that surgery was out the window.

It seems as though Thomas main concern is getting back on that court. He’s ready to do whatever he has to so that he can play this season. He just wants to come back better than ever.