Spain’s Balearic Islands Pass New Law

Spain’s Balearic Islands, have passed a new law that will prohibit harming any bulls in the bullring. Plenty of citizens plan to challenge the limitations in court. Spain’s Balearic Islands are expecting to face legal challenges by those against the new law. Animal rights groups have been looking forward to this law for a long time. On July 24, 2017, the country passed the law to make bullfighting shorter. Also, the bullfighter can not strike blood from the animal.

Another law that was recently passed is called the Balearic-style bullfighting law. This law will prohibit children under the age of eighteen in the bullring stadiums and bans any alcoholic drinks in the bullring stadiums. The group of the left-wing parties in the regional parliament pressured and succeeded at passing the Balearic-style bullfighting law. The new bullfighting law also includes banning any sharp objects that can either kill or injure the bull during a  fight. The newest law will also limit the time each animal spends in the bullring dropping from thirty minutes to ten minutes. Both the animals and bullfighters now have to take drug tests before a fight.

The century-old Fornalutx bull run will likewise see restrictions.

Spain’s Balearic Islands Pass New Bullfighting Law and Citizens Are Not Happy

As for the animal rights groups who fought to pass this new law are celebrating it! Joanna Swabe of the global animals rights group of the Humane Society International had something to say. She says that the vote shows that it is not entirely necessary to ban bullfighting as a whole. The new law shows compassion to the animals while still having a high public and political standards.

Those against the law say that it will end bullfighting as whole. No one, animal or person, can be hurt during bull fights. Officials will fine anyone who injures a bull or individuals bullfighting under the age of eighteen.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, of the conservative People’s Party, strongly disagrees with the newest laws. The reason being, it is assaulting the Spanish traditions and culture as a whole. Miquel Jerez believes the new law will change their way of life.

Jerez said the group would look to change the law, reason being that it is against what wast set forth in Spanish law ensuring bullfighting as a part of their heritage. A year ago, the Supreme Court shot down a 2010 veto on bullfighting in the Catalonia district.