Anne Dufourmantelle, Philosopher, Passes At 53

Anne Dufourmantelle jumped into the water to save two children who got into trouble. The incident occurred at the Pampelonne shoreline, near St Tropez, on Friday.
The two children were later, while safe, handed off to lifeguards.

Françoise Nyssen, the minister of culture in France, said Dufourmantelle was a very inspiring person.
According to eye witness accounts, Dufourmantelle, who was 53, was swimming 164 ft from the kids. All of a sudden, the orange cautioning banner at the shoreline was red, and not green. When this occurs, swimming can no longer continue.

She tried to swim to them, but the current was too powerful.

There were many attempts to revive her, but it was too late. No one knows if she had any ties to the children. Her memorial service is will take place in Ramatuelle, southern France, on Tuesday.

Dufourmantelle composed various articles on the significance of going out on a limb. Dufourmantelle spoke about it in the book Praise of Risk, published in 2011.

On her Twitter page, Ms. Nyssen made a post indicating that Anne was an influential thinker and a psychoanalyst. Nyssen went on to say that Anne helped mold people to live and consider the world today.

Another French philosopher, Raphaël Enthoven tweeted that he was miserable to learn of the demise of Dufourmantelle.

Dufourmantelle, 53, Lost Her Life Trying To Save Others

During an interview with French Daily Liberation, Anna spoke on her feelings about risk.  At the point when there truly is a danger that must be confronted to make due, as amid the Blitz in London, there is a substantial motivating force for activity, devotion, and outperforming oneself, she said.

Life starts with a chance: to change one’s life, however maybe one should say to chance life because being alive is a risk on its own, Dufourmantelle included. Life is transformation, she stated, including It starts with this danger. Dufourmantelle had contended that dread has use as a political weapon for the control of opportunities. She said that any offer to general society of expanded insurance and security could act to fortify, monitor and decrease life’s flexibilities. Safety in any visual sense, for example, equipped officers on roads amid uplifted dread alarms or dangers, she stated, can likewise create or increment fear.

To envision an adversary prepared to assault now and then invites a condition of loss of motion, a sentiment vulnerability which requires a maternal reaction as far as anyone knows all defensive. Today, we crave this over protection; she told Liberation.
In 1994, Dufourmantelle earned her doctoral degree in philosophy from Paris-Sorbonne. However, after earning her degree, she went on to study psychoanalysis. In 1998, where she earned the Raymond de Boyer Prize of Sainte-Suzanne for philosophy.